Digital Strategist

Digital Director

Digital journalism goes beyond posting news online; it’s the process by which we transform the traditional newsgathering process into a process of gathering, analyzing and story telling. In my role leading digital strategy at KXAN in Austin, we build journalism for all screens.


Did your story go viral? Are you keeping those visitors on your site? Is your app user base growing? The answers to these questions don’t come from a crystal ball they come from scientific data analysis.

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Innovative storytelling

I refuse to be limited by the content management system. We build great experiences to tell in-depth stories.
I take pride in being able to engage an audience to read even the most boring stories.

Data Journalism

Sifting through data to find a big investigative story doesn’t have to stay behind the scenes. I have the know how to include the process in the storytelling.


Having a story break or go viral doesn’t mean anything if you can’t monetize it. I work closely with digital sales teams to create interactive content that not only brings visitors to the site, keeps them on the site, but also generates revenue from advertisers.

Newsroom manager
Finding new strategies that drive brand loyalty and revenue.

I am one of a new breed of journalists, one who is just as comfortable gathering and writing prose as I am writing code. I excel at finding and analyzing documents and data online. These resources often yield some of the most compelling stories that would have taken a whole team of investigative reporters months to break. In the age of one-man-band reporting, I have designed and implemented successful workflows that allow reporters to gather and file from the field without adding undue burden on the reporter. However, journalism alone does not make a successful website. I have the knowledge and skill s

  • Design and implement multiplatform breaking news plans

  • Engage and deliver desired audience to revenue generating screens

  • Right minds in the right seats; train brilliant journalists on digital arts

  • Strategy and tactics don't mean anything if you can't track them; I'm your numbers guru